Morning thought Monday 15th Jan 2018


Good morning . To be really honest countless things went wrong , or at least not as planned, with our aid trip last month taking the Mustard Seed Jersey Christmas shoeboxes to Romania. We’d had the challenge of a change of paperwork requirements and then a difficult delay caused by the stevedores strike in St Malo which meant the shoeboxes were stuck in Jersey then at the docks at St Malo. As a result they arrived in Romania so much later than expected that the first group of volunteers from Jersey had already left Romania,  and the second group never arrived because their plane was cancelled due to snow in London.


Yes all in all there were a huge number of challenges with this trip. But I have come back really encouraged and challenged by what I saw and experienced. To some of the groups we’d planned to deliver shoeboxes, we went with other small gifts the team generously bought, like teddies sweets & fruit for children,  and for adults fruit and biscuits. Stuff people in Jersey would NOT be thrilled with. But the kids were thrilled with the games we played at kindergartens and youth clubs and the teddies and sweets we gave. They had very little and were delighted - really delighted with a small cheap gift.


One of my strongest memories is of the reaction of the residents in an old people’s home when we gave them an orange and banana each. I was in the men’s ward at the time and their delight and happiness brought tears to my eyes. Just a piece of fruit - but it brought such joy.


It makes me ask if our lives are too complicated and if we have - amid our comparative luxury and technology - lost touch with the simple joys and values of living. 


That thought might be worth taking with you through your day today. What are the essentials in my life? In your life?



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