Morning ThoughtMonday July 3rd 2017

Do you remember Oscars shoes from the last series of Morning Thoughts that I presented? Oscar had seen a photo of a Romanian child receiving a Christmas shoebox but he noticed the child had very poor shoes and so he asked if when he outgrew his shoes, he could give those shoes to Mustard Seed Jersey for a needy Romanian child. As his grandma knows me they were given to me personally. 

So when I travelled to Romania last month, Oscarís shoes went in my suitcase and I determined to find a child who needed those shoes and get a photograph to encourage Oscar and his family. 

At the youth club for needy children I spoke to the social worker and showed him the shoes. "No problem" he said he paused then he said "I wonder ...."

Well let's cut a long story short - on the last aid consignment we'd sent a number of shoes and one of the youth club mothers had asked for shoes for her 2 boys. They found shoes for the younger child but nothing suitable for the older child.

I think it was one of those amazing co-incidences arranged by God that those shoes were just perfect for that older boy. 

I just love it when  amazing coincidences happen like that and I do find that when I commit my day to God, very  often such coincidences do happen.

So please be encouraged to offer your day to God and see what happens.  Have a great day and God bless you. 


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