Morning Thought Tuesday January 16th


Good morning. Do you remember the Benedict family? In December 2014 Mustard Seed Jersey appealed for money to help them after their house was demolished by a lorry, leaving them in a freezing leaking shed. They were all struggling with various health problems and try as they would they could not support themselves. Thanks to the generosity of people in Jersey we were able to purchase a porter cabin for them. When they moved in they said it was a gift from God.


They worked incredibly hard cultivating the land near the porter cabin and were always ready to help anyone. After a while, with our agreement they took in Alin a homeless young man who had learning difficulties. They said as God had helped them, they now wanted to help someone else. Alin has a great love of horses and had always dreamed of working with them.

The Benedicts had a dream too, to be self sufficient. And they began to pray that somehow it would happen.


Quite unexpectedly in the autumn last year a youngish woman got in touch with Mr Benedict. She is his daughter from his first marriage and he had totally lost touch with her. The woman lives in Hungary and owns her own property which has a number of horses.


Let’s cut a long story short. There was reconciliation and a week before Christmas the Benedicts together with Alin all moved to Hungary to live in a separate house on the daughter’s farm and help run the farm, especially working with the horses.


Tears glistened in Mr Benedict’s eyes as he said to me “This is a gift from God. I’ve found my lost daughter, she wants us in her life. We have a permanent home and a job for life helping on the farm working with the horses. For Alin this is just amazing, a dream come true, a prayer answered. Thanks be to God”.



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