Morning Thought Wednesday July 5th


Visiting the Kovacs family had to be one of the highlights of my recent trip to Romania with Mustard Seed Jersey.

When we were first saw this family 12 years ago they were homeless, living in a makeshift shelter with other homeless people. Why the Kovacs family stood out was the evidence that they consistently tried to make their area as good as possible. 

When the opportunity arose we selected this family as worthy of help and investment putting them on our sponsorship programme, allocating them regular help from a Jersey sponsor. 

When we had a suitable property we rehoused them in a village in a house in need of major repair. Mr Kovacs got work and in his spare time with his building skills and materials we supplied he has gradually repaired the existing house, adding to it as their family grew. 

It hasn't been a smooth ride all the time. There have been various crises.  At one point Mr Kovacs  started drinking, then disappeared for a few months. But all has been well for several years now. 

I personally had not visited for 18 months. In June when we went to visit, as always the house and children were spotlessly clean, the children doing well at school. We learned the family attend church and 2 of the 4 boys are now altar servers.

But what so thrilled me was the large garden, well organised and with a simple irrigation system, growing a variety of vegetable plants on a commercial scale. They told us they had organised a contract with a Hungarian company and supply them with produce in the summer. 

I am so glad we persevered with this family. We provided an opportunity, which they took hold of and they have used their initiative to help themselves. They are still in need of some support but if it continues as well as now, maybe in a year’s time they can be fully self supporting and come off our sponsorship programme



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