3 Wednesday April 12th


Buna dimineazuia or Good morning everyone.

Next week God willing I should be in Romania and I am certainly looking forward to it - especially as I think of some of the people I will meet.

Over the years Mustard Seed Jersey has been privileged to reach out to different people and give them a helping hand. Sadly a small number will not make any effort to make good use of the opportunities we give. But most will work hard to better themselves and a small number will be outstanding in just how amazingly they respond to the opportunity we offer.

Tina is one such lady.

Her life was hard, an abusive violent husband who terrorised her 2 children and frequent hit them all. But when she became pregnant again with her 3rd child she was simply too afraid to stay so she and her two now teenage daughters ran away.

Tina worked hard at whatever employment she could find, just surviving paying rent, utilities, food, sending her daughters to school and the baby to nursery.

Then her older daughters began attending the youth club Mustard Seed helps with. The social workers were impressed with how Tina thanked them for what they were doing for her daughters and with her desire to help.

Tina noticed that after the youth club meeting, the rooms were quite dirty, and the social workers exhausted. So Tina began to turn up a few minutes before the club ended and spent time clearing and cleaning.


Tina was grateful - very grateful - for the help she received and as she had benefitted, now she wanted to give to others.


2000 years ago, when Jesus Christ was sending out His disciples to preach the good news and heal the sick He said “freely you have received, now freely give”.


Have a good day - take time to be grateful.



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