4 Thursday April 12th


Good morning. We have so much over here, what we take for granted, to others would be luxury.


At this time of year I receive a number of reports from the Romanian social workers about how the help from Mustard Seed Jersey has helped different people. One of the social workers has just told me of the joy one of the Christmas shoeboxes from Jersey brought.


It went to Alexandria a young woman, a single mother who had been living on the streets when her child was born last year. Fortunately we had a space in a porter cabin so were able to take her in with her baby. It was still very tough for her as she has precious little income and is unskilled, so without our help she and her child could have starved to death.


When the Christmas shoeboxes arrived the social workers gave her a good size box packed specially for her by a sponsor in Jersey. They had written her name on the box. The social worker was struck by how Alexandria responded and so shared it with me.


Firstly it was utter disbelief that anyone would pack a box for her. Especially someone shed never met. Then she admitted shed never received a present before.


Stop a moment and think of that - this young Romanian woman Alexandria is in her late twenties, born in the 1990s, but 2017 was the first year she was given a present.


How many Christmas gifts have you had in your life? Probably a number of you were given Easter eggs 10 days ago. Its just mind blowing isnt it to think of how much we have compared to some other people.


Have a good day and please spare a thought for those who have so little, maybe you could do something to help.



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