Morning Thought Thursday January 18th


Buna ziua or Good day in Romanian. 

As we were driving around in Romania distributing aid with Mustard Seed Jersey last month we saw flocks of sheep and shepherds on a number of occasions. I suppose because we donít see shepherds with large flocks of sheep in Jersey it was of interest to us. We learnt that the shepherd usually stays with the sheep all the time. At night the sheep and shepherd will stay in a shelter. 


We saw a few much smaller flocks of sheep in fields close to houses without a shepherd with them all the time. 

One afternoon when we got back to where we were staying, we realised there was a problem and concern among our Romanian guides. It turned out that guard dog where we were staying (I would have to say she is a lovely dog) had got out while we were away. Sadly she went down the road to another property and killed one of the sheep that was unattended in a field, with no shepherd to look after it. 


With my Christian background I guess it was inevitable that it would remind me of what our Lord said how He is the Good Shepherd who looks after his sheep. And by his sheep He means Christians who follow Him. Jesus talked of how the good shepherd is committed to care for the sheep, and how he protects the sheep in his flock.


In our time in Romania we saw shepherds who were with their flocks of sheep all the time to protect them. The sheep the dog killed was not in a flock protected by a shepherd. 


Each day we all face potential dangers and I personally thank God for His protection many times.


I wish you a safe day - a good day. Buna Ziua.



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