5 Morning Thought Friday January 19th


Good morning. Mustard Seed Jersey works with the poorest of the poor in Romania. Many things we take for granted over here in Jersey are impossible dreams for those we assist. Let me share with you about Lisa. 

Lisa has had a tough life, abandoned at birth, brought up in the state orphanage she has struggled throughout her life. Life in an orphanage does not equip you with the basic life skills, meaning that budgeting your money is an unexplained mystery, and most of all you probably donít feel loved and valued. 

Living on the streets for years played havoc with Lisaís health. At one particularly low point in her life she prayed and asked God to help her.


Eventually one of the social workers Mustard Seed Jersey works with, came across Lisa and was struck by her gratitude when given a small amount of food and decided this woman deserved help. Donít get me wrong, there were many others also in great need, but we donít have the resources to help them all, and so Lisa was chosen. She came to live in one of our porter cabins and immediately that same gratitude shone through.


When we went to visit Lisa, we left feeling good because of her gratitude and appreciation but also challenged by her desire to help others as an expression of that gratitude.


It was clear she had a number of health problems, but no funds to pay for medical care, so the team from St Paulís Church offered to pray with her that God would help her. That prayer was amazingly answered within a fortnight. When the need for funding for medical care was mentioned on Facebook, money was given. Money enough to pay for initial consultations and treatment for a number of months.

We believe it was an answer to prayer. 


Can I encourage you to pray - we can bring our needs to God. And like Lisa we can thank Him for the many good things we enjoy and take for granted.



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