Morning Thought

Friday July 7th

Good morning. Almost certainly you have heard the phrase “the widow’s mite” and maybe read the account of how Jesus Christ noticed that one poor widow put all the money she possessed into the temple offering. He commented that even although her offering was worth only a few pence, it meant so much more.

When I was in Romania I heard of a poor widow in 2017 who gave all she had to the church offering. Eva had lived for many years on the streets, and cannot walk far as she limps heavily.

Thanks to Mustard Seed Jersey and the Changed Lives project she is now living in our old converted aid trailer with her handicapped daughter and grandson.

Eva very much wanted to go to church to thank God for her new home. She wanted to go to the church in the town where people had previously helped her when she was homeless. With her bad leg she could not walk so she needed to use the tram. She needed the equivalent of 60 pence for the tram and all she had was 80 pence, so she paid for the tram ticket and then put her remaining 20p in the church offering box.

A young man named Florin also attended the church. Earlier that morning Florin had read of the Gospel account of widow’s mite and he had prayed that God would give him the opportunity to help someone in need that day. In the church service Florin felt drawn towards Eva and he felt God’s Holy Spirit whisper to him that Eva was the one to help. So Florin spoke to Eva, learned her story. He gave her a lift back home and next day visited her with a large bag of food for the family. 

Have a good day and look for God given opportunities to help others.


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