Morning thought 5

Friday 13th April


Buna dimineataGood morning.


Recently I have been sending out reports to those people who sponsor needy Romanian pensioners through Mustard Seed Jerseyís Adopt a Granny sponsorship programme. Some of the accounts about the difference that the help from Jersey makes really do bring tears to your eyes / at least they do to mine when Iím reading through the reports and sometimes I end up correcting the spelling in the reports the Romanian social workers have written. 


I was particularly struck by one report. The sponsor had given some extra money which was sent across at the beginning of January. The Romanian social worker wrote

ďIt is amazing. Florin needed new shoes very badly. The money came when his shoes fell apart and his feet were cold and wet. With the money we went to buy new warm waterproof boots and we bought him socks and a warm jacket. Florin now has a large smile and he tells me now he knows God answers his prayers. For he had prayed to God for help and then the money arrived. Now he canít stop smiling and thanking GodĒ


Itís not just those in desperate need who can pray to God. All of us - any of us can pray. So can I encourage you to pray and ask God for what you need and like Florin remember to be grateful for the answer. 




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