Morning Thought 2

Tuesday August 14th 2018


Good morning.

For the next three mornings I will concentrate on Mustard Seed’s Changed Lives project which helps those who are homeless and in a bad situation accommodation and offers the chance to be safe and regroup.

One of Mustard Seed success stories has to be the Benedict family. We met them first when they were sheltering in a tiny freezing leaking shed as their home had been demolished.

Through the generosity of islanders we were able to provide them with a porter cabin on what has now become the Changed Lives site. The Benedicts deeply appreciated the help we’d given and worked hard to improve their situation.

As well as working hard, Mr Benedict especially did some serious thinking about his life and how he had been given a second chance when he was in dire straits.

As a result of thinking and praying he began an internet search for his estranged daughter. He did not know if she would accept his apology for deserting her 20 years ago but he wanted to seek her forgiveness.

Let’s cut a long story short : To everyone’s joy and amazement the daughter accepted her father back into her life, welcomed his new wife and their adopted handicapped son. She has a business and accommodation and part time work available which she has given to the Benedicts.

So the Benedicts moved on to something which was far better, reunited with family, with permanent employment and accommodation. For them the Changed Lives project was a transit home, a stepping stone.

In Mustard Seed we believe that God does give people second chances if they accept it. We are thrilled to have been involved in how the Benedicts found their second chance and reconciliation with their family.




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