Morning Thought 2 for Tuesday February 9th 2016


Good morning. 2 months ago I was in Romania with Mustard Seed Jersey packing and distributing food parcels.


Our first task on arriving in Romania was to go shopping at the huge hypermarket using money donated from Jersey to buy the contents for food parcels.


Later we packed up the food parcels. For those living rough without cooking facilities we gave different contents than for those who could cook. All in all it was infinitely satisfying to know we were making a real difference to people.


Over the next few days, we had the privilege of accompanying the social workers to some of the dwellings to give out the food parcels to those in need. Inevitably some visits stick in our minds more than others.


Going with a couple of the students from Beaulieu Convent School who were helping, I went to several homes of housebound pensioners in one of the villages. At the first, the woman holding onto her stick was waiting outside in the cold for us to come. The second house was a poor little shack, inside it was warm and smokey thanks to the wood burning stove. The little woman there was crippled and could hardly move, but she hobbled to door to let us in as we delivered her Christmas shoebox and her food parcel.


The final house we went to in that village was a much better house, but the elderly owner had fallen on hard times and could barely afford to heat the one room which he used for everything. He was lonely and delighted to have people to talk to. When we finally said we must leave, he prayed with us, thanking God for us and for what we were doing; he asked for Godís blessing on us.


A prayer for us today: Lord help us to be a blessing to those we meet today.