Morning Thought 3 for Wednesday February 10th 2016


Good morning. 2 months ago I was in Romania with Mustard Seed Jersey helping with the bread distribution.


For the last 5 years, we have been raising money in Jersey and buying bread in Romania in the winters. It continues to amaze me how eagerly the people come to the distributions, always arriving several hours early, in spite of the cold.


After greeting some of those I knew in the crowd, I stood back and waited and watched.


There is a list of beneficiaries, each one’s circumstances have been checked out to ensure they really are in need, only then do they go on the list and receive bread.


Finally the van arrived and it was amazing how calmly they all waited for their name to be called. I watched and found my eyes drawn to Lina, noticing how intently she listened for her name. I knew where she lived – for she lives in Mustard Seed’s old trailer which has been turned into accommodation in a village outside the city boundary. She is over 70 years of age, but the bread was so important that she had walked from the village. Now if you were driving I am sure it is nearly 10  miles, but I know it will be less on foot.


Lina waited, listening intently – as soon as her name was called, her head and her hand went up and she called out, then she moved forward to claim her bread. Carefully almost reverently she put it in her bag and covered it. When the distribution was over, she left to walk back home with her precious bread.


Jesus Christ spoke of the importance of commitment and of being single-minded in how we follow Him. I believe I saw a good example of  being single-minded and committed in the elderly Lina, walking probably 15 miles in all to collect 2 loaves of bread.


A prayer for us today: Lord God help me to get my priorities right today and to concentrate on what is important.