Morning Thought 4 for Thursday  February 11th 2016


Good morning. 2 months ago I was in Romania with Mustard Seed Jersey helping with the distribution of Christmas shoeboxes, food parcels, bread and blankets.


Throughout the year, we have a number of volunteers in Jersey who faithfully knit. Some knit scarves, others hats, or teddies, even jumpers but most of the knitting we receive is blankets. And the beneficiaries are incredibly grateful, especially as the winters are so bitterly cold.


So in the course of the 10 days I was in Romania, I saw many knitted hats come out of shoeboxes and go straight onto children’s heads.


One of the Jersey schools has a knitting club and knitted a blanket out of squares which I personally gave to a disabled woman in the summer when I was there visiting in one of the residential homes. The woman spoke a little English so we talked.


In December we went back to the same home. As soon as she saw me, the English speaking disabled resident called me over. Proudly she showed me her bed  with the blanket on it. She managed to explain that she loved this blanket that it was special to her. She added that she was very happy that it had washed so well after it had become soiled.


I was really quite moved that a blanket could mean so much to someone. Sometimes we give something that seems quite insignificant but to the recipient it is special and important.


It reminds me of how Jesus used a boy’s packed lunch to feed a large crowd. I have found that is how it works with God - even though what we may have to offer is small, God can and does take what we offer and cause it to be a blessing beyond our expectations.


A prayer for us today: Lord give me the opportunity to make a good difference in someone’s life today.