Morning thought 5 broken relationships

Friday January 6th 2017

Good morning. I have been going  to Romania with humanitarian aid for about 20 years and seen countless changes many good but some bad and some sad.

One of the saddest things has to be seeing once good relationships turn sour and bad. Florin and Alin had been good friends for years - their families were friends and they really supported each other through thick and thin.

Six  years ago all that changed. When I visited in Romania I spoke to both, I have to say I think Alin was wrong in what he did, and Florin felt he had been betrayed. But as time passed the saddest thing was the broken relationship. For years they never spoke, the families members communicated in a limited way but the closeness and the trust was gone.

In the last year they started to acknowledge each other if they passed in their cars. It was a start. I was quite thrilled this trip about 3 weeks ago when Florin told me they'd met for a coffee .....

New year is a time when often we make resolutions. Can I suggest a good one - take a step to try to heal a broken or soured relationship. Ok maybe you will be rejected but at least you will have tried. Or you may be welcomed. But either way in trying to move towards forgiveness and healing the broken relationship you have honoured God.

God bless you especially if you take that difficult first step to forgive or seek forgiveness and heal a broken relationship..


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