Morning Thought 5 for FridayFebruary 12th 2016


Good morning. 2 months ago I was in Romania with Mustard Seed Jersey helping with the distribution of Christmas shoeboxes. Also we spent time at the youth club, and met some of the children attending our homework club.

The homework club is for children and young people whose homes are really poor and who have no opportunity to study at home. From Jersey we have provided funding, so the homework club can happen several days a week. As well as being given help to study in a warm safe environment, the students are all given a nutritional sandwich and drink each day. For some it is their best meal of the day.

Some of these children and young people are sponsored through Mustard Seedís sponsorship scheme. When I was at the youth club on the Saturday morning, I recognised some of them from their photos.

I particularly noticed Sebi, he was one of the youngest at 7 years old. He loves the homework club and works incredibly hard to do his homework perfectly each day. I knew his parents tried their hardest to provide, but with mother sick and father unable to get permanent employment it is very hard, and Sebi knows what it was like to go to bed hungry.

But when we saw him in the youth club, you would never have guessed Sebiís home life was so tough Ė he was so enthusiastic doing all the craft activities. And when as a special treat we purchased pizza, Sebiís bright smile was completely radiant with joy and excitement.

There were enough slices for seconds to everyoneís delight. Little Sebi carefully wrapped up his precious second slice of pizza explaining he wanted to take it home to give to his mum.

A prayer for us today: Lord God we in this island have so much while others have so little. Teach us to share the blessings we enjoy. Amen