2 Morning Thought Tuesday October 4th

"Isn't that proof how precious the food parcels are to the pensioners”. That was what the Romanian social worker said to me as we stood dripping in the cold driving rain.  “They wouldn't even wait one day. No matter how terrible the weather they wanted their food parcel immediately. You must tell people how important the food parcels are "

Because we knew the weather forecast was appalling we had planned to do the food parcel distribution the next day when the weather was better. But word got out that we had the food so the pensioners turned up soaking wet and thoroughly chilled. So obviously we set up the distribution.

By the end of the distribution we were equally soaked in spite of our waterproof jackets. The pensioners joyfully plodded home along the muddy roads, clutching a precious food parcel. To them the soaking and the cold was well worth it for a food parcel.

For Mustard Seed Jersey the Christmas appeal is not just about shoeboxes and gifts. We also ask for donations of money for food  and that money is taken to Romania and used to purchase food.


What is the point of giving someone a beautiful new hat and gloves for Christmas if they are going to die of starvation in January? That is the thinking behind our annual winter appeal for money for food.

In the Bible we read the well known story how Jesus Christ blessed the bread and it multiplied to feed a huge crowd. In Mustard Seed we don't see huge multiplications like that. But we do see and thank God for an incredibly generous response that is turned into food parcels and given to the poorest of the poor in the coldest months of the winter in Bihor county of Romania.


Have a good day and please be thankful for what you have.