Morning Thought 4 Thursday October 6th


When I was on holiday in France last month I very happily had several meals of French bread and ham or cheese. It was a simple cheap lunch. But it reminded me about Mustard Seed Jersey's bread appeal.

Every Sunday many of us pray the familiar words “Give us this day our daily bread” but we certainly wouldn't be impressed if all we had to eat was bread!

But for some of the poorest of the poor in the city of Oradea, Romania where the social worker Nelu faithfully works, there are pensioners and families to whom even a loaf of bread is a luxury.

To them the knowledge that during the winter on alternate days they would receive 2 loaves of bread is a blessing beyond belief.

Originally we suggested the money should be used for monthly food parcels, but Nelu's clients told him what they would value most was regular bread. 

I have stood in the freezing cold in December in Oradea with Nelu's clients waiting for the bread van to arrive. They all get there early, often 2 hours before to be sure not to miss it.

Yes in our country people may queue for hours to be first in line when the Boxing Day sale starts, but not for a loaf of bread and not 3 times a week. 

As part of Mustard Seed Jersey's Christmas appeal we ask for money to buy bread for those in need. About now as the weather gets a little cooler, the needy ask Nelu when the bread distributions will begin. He tells them he doesn’t know. It all depends on how much money we are given. 

God bless you. May you have a good day and be thankful for what you have.