Morning thought for Tuesday May 17th 2016

Good morning. Yesterday I told you about one of the Romanian trusts who will receive tins from Tinathon. Today I want to share with you about some more beneficiaries. As you know on Friday of this week Mustard Seed will be teaming up with the Shelter Trust to run the annual Tinathon collection in Wests Centre. Half the donated tins of food will stay in Jersey to benefit those assisted by The Shelter Trust, half will go to Romania to people in need there.

When I go to Romania – especially in the winter – one of the most important tasks is purchasing food and packing food parcels. In the past we have been blessed by receiving non-perishable food stuffs from several churches harvest thanks giving services.  I have been privileged to see the joy on the recipients’ faces. Then I have been able to pass on photos to those churches showing the food stuffs they donated being distributed.

In our work in Romania, we always encourage self-sufficiency. But for some of the frail elderly and disabled there is no other way than to provide food. Two of the trusts we work with give out monthly food parcels and I have been amazed to see some pensioners hobbling along with sticks and crutches so anxious to receive their precious food parcel. The tins we receive at Tinathon will benefit over 500 needy pensioners living in the community. They will bring so much joy.

But if you don’t want to come to town to bring us some tins, there are also collection bins at Waitrose and Holme Grown Farm Shop this month. In June there will be a collection bin at the CoOp Grande Marche St Peter.

Mother Teresa spoke of doing small things with great love. We have the opportunity to give a small thing with love and to know it will make a difference.

Have a good day and God bless you. Please don’t forget about the tins!