Morning thought 1

Monday August 13th 2018


Good morning.

A few weeks ago, I met with my partner Audrey and we prayed about a number of things, some to do with the family, some to do with the church and some to do with Mustard Seed Jersey.

 I was really quite concerned about Mustard Seed’s  need for funding of just under £1000 to provide a much needed toilet, of which we had raised only £200 - we had been working on the need since the new year.

The toilet was needed at our Changed Lives project. This  offers accommodation to the homeless in Romania. 2 of the residents are disabled and physically unable to walk to use the other facilities on the site. Reading the social worker’s account it was clearly very urgent to provide that toilet. So we prayed and asked God to help.

Now 6 weeks before this the Poker Club had kindly arranged that Mustard Seed would be the beneficiary of a fundraising evening. As they have done this before I expected that the amount would be between £250 and £350. We had already decided to put this money towards the toilet.

However less than a week after Audrey and I had prayed I received a text message that said £718 had been raised at the Poker Club - this with what we’d already raised that nearly the full amount.

Then 5 days later a car boot sale raised all the remaining money needed for the £1000 for that toilet.

I do believe prayer changes things. Often it seems it is after we pray, that things just slot in together. Jesus said to his disciples that they should pray as the Holy Spirit guided them that their joy might be full. Now if you have a need or a problem can I recommend that you pray about it.




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