Morning thought 2  

Tuesday January 3rd 2017

Buna dimineata - that is Good morning in Romanian. I got back from Romania a few days before Christmas having distributed the Christmas shoeboxes,  food parcels etc. with Mustard Seed Jersey.

On our first day we gave out food parcels to those in great need, very much the poorest of the poor. It was great to know that the food we'd purchased with money from Jersey was going straight into the hands of those who needed it.

In the village the pensioners came along to the meeting to collect the food, one came in a horse and cart, a few had bicycles ( which had come from Jersey), but the majority were on foot, some walked with sticks. But a couple of the neediest were unable to walk, so after we'd finished the main distribution we piled into the van and went to the houses.

On this occasion our guide was another pensioner. As we arrived at the very poor homes, it was clear she was well known to the housebound and they greeted her warmly. After short home visits we left, but I believe by our presence as well as the food we gave, we spread Christmas cheer.

The final food parcel was for our guide for she herself is a needy pensioner. Through the translator she told us that she is very grateful to God for her health and to us for our help, and she explained that she wants to express her gratitude in acts of kindness and so she visits the house bound pensioners a couple of times each week to offer help if needed.

New year is often a time for new resolutions - can I suggest a good one: Be grateful for the benefits we enjoy and resolve to help those less fortunate than ourselves on a regular basis.


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