Morning thought 4

Thursday August 16th 2018


Good morning.

Over the last couple of mornings we have thought of success stories with Mustard Seed Jerseyís Changed Lives project, whether as a stepping stone to something better or as a home for life.

Very occasionally we do have failures, people who with great regret we have to ask to leave.

The social worker came across Vali at the homeless shelter and after talking to him offered him a place at Changed Lives in a half portercabin. Vali assured the social worker that the rules of no alcohol and no cigarettes would not be a problem. At first all went well.

It was the other residents who alerted the social worker that Vali was drinking and that when he was drunk his personality changed for the worse. Immediately the social worker reminded Vali of his agreement, he offered him a second chance but said if there were any further reports of his drinking then he would have to leave.

Vali decided there and then that he wasnít prepared to stop the alcohol and the cigarettes and so he walked away and we havenít heard from him since.

We were saddened, but accepted his choice and needless to say it was not long before that empty portercabin was filled again by another vulnerable homeless person..

When Jesus was on earth 2000 years ago, some people accepted his message and some rejected him. It is the same today, some people refuse Gods offer of friendship and help while some accept.

Jesus says that all who accept his friendship become children of God. Thatís quite a thought to take with us into the day. Are you a friend of God? Have you accept the Lordís offer of friendship and help?




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