Morning thought 5

Friday August 17th 2018


Good morning.

When we were in Romania in the spring, it was of course much warmer than the previous visit when we were there in December. This meant nobody was in danger of freezing to death if they had no fuel for heating.

But there was need none the less. People on too small or no pensions had little or no food, others faced eviction because they could not afford to pay for their utilities or rent, others were sick and could not afford the needed medication.

We went to the market and purchased vegetables and fruit and took these to each person we visited. Because we were with the social worker (who they trusted) they welcomed us and trusted us as well, telling us their problems. We heard of  countless medical conditions needing investigation or medication, we saw and smelt problems with the damp. We saw people trying to be self sufficient but unable to because of , no  money to buy seeds, no money to buy chickens. So it went on  - so many worthy causes to be helped.

As always we left over whelmed by the number and variety of needs. Having only limited resources we could not help everyone we and had to choose who to help and who not to help.

After much soul searching we chose to help with seeds and chickens and we promised to see if there was any more money for medical needs in the Mustard Seed account and to try to raise funds for the new toilet. As you know from Monday the money has now come in for the building of a new toilet. But other needs remain.

A prayer:

Lord give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,

Courage to change those things we can

And Wisdom to know the difference.



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