As it is expensive to pack Christmas shoeboxes, if you can aim at spending on average about £1 a week from January through to October, it should be possible to collect items for 2 shoeboxes.

As we were short of boxes for MEN and TEENAGERS this last appeal, I plan to suggest contents to pack a box for a Man and a Teenager throughout the year:


Purchase Christmas paper ready to cover the boxes  (good to do this straight after Christmas). Also good time to get Christmas cards to include in shoebox if you want to. Good time to collect shoeboxes from shop, please aim at the type that have a separate lid, shoeboxes rather than boot boxes and maximum size 8 or 9.

Also purchase several pairs of SOCKS [for men 8-11 or 42-46; for teenagers 4-7 or 37-41].  

If funds allow buy hats and / or gloves also. (This will depend upon what offers you can find at end of winter, or in the £ shops).


In these 3 months we plan to purchase contents for the teenager box:

In April and May plan to purchase SCHOOL MATERIALS, as these are very important to the young people. Sometimes you can buy a pack containing a number of items – by the end of those 2 months aim to have a good variety of paper, notebooks (plain and lined) also 5 or 6 pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, pens and either coloured felt pens or colouring pencils. If possible a pencil case as well.

In June buy the more fun items to complete the teenage box. Possible items would be playing cards, travel set of games, marbles, key ring, etc. By June we should have more clarity about the toiletries tax and can let you know whether to include toothbrush and toothpaste also.


We plan to purchase contents for the Man’s box during these 3 months.

TOILETRY – 1 item only – maybe bottle of body & hair wash (well sealed to avoid possible leaks) or packet of tablets of soap.

USEFUL ITEM/S Also include at least one useful item, possibly a torch with batteries, or a head torch [for the poorest the need for light is very real, so we would encourage torches or candles].

FOOD – we suggest 3 or 4 items of non perishable food stuffs (pasta, rice, tinned food)  Use by dates must be no earlier than JUNE 2018. (If the tins are not the “ring pull” variety then consider buying a tin opener).



Put aside £4 to pay the transport cost for the boxes. Cover your box and lid separately, arrange the contents inside, if you want to include a Christmas card we suggest you put it on the bottom of the box, marked clearly as being a card. On top of the contents put the donation in an envelope, clearly marked as being Donation. Secure the lid with rubber band or string, put a label on the lid indicating the intended recipient. Then take to the collection place.