Mustard Seed Jersey is delighted to announce that 3127 Christmas shoeboxes have been donated and these will be transported to Romania shortly in time for distribution early in December. The number of shoeboxes is approx. 300 more than last year.


Over two thirds of the shoeboxes were for children and young people under 18. As in previous years we struggled to meet the number of shoeboxes requested for teenagers, and men and older women were other categories for which we only just enough.


The generous Jersey public donated almost £5500 for transport and the food/sweets accompanying each shoebox.  Also we also received a few shoeboxes and donations from Sark.

Nearly £1750 was donated to purchase food especially bread for the poorest of the poor in the coldest winter months.

Almost £2400 was donated to pack-a-box where members of the public donate money and ask the charity to pack a box for them.


“We have had some really beautiful boxes this year, thoughtfully and lovingly packed with the donor clearly putting themselves in to the beneficiary’s place.”


To everyone who has helped with this appeal in any way please accept our thanks. We thank the Constables and Les Quennevais Sports Centre for allowing us to use their premises as collection places and to our amazing volunteer collectors, checkers, packers, loaders and to the donors.

Our local running costs are comparatively small as neither Vernon Helie nor David Seymour charge us any rent for packing premises and Lester Richardson & the Amazing Maze allowed us free parking for containers.

Then the costs of getting the shoeboxes to Romania are reduced thanks to help from Condor Ferries Freight, Ferryspeed, Sutton Transport and Morvan-Fils in St Malo.


To receive a Christmas shoebox makes a real difference to each beneficiary whether young and old. And I know each of recipients of the 3127 shoeboxes would say THANK YOU to all who have helped.


21st November 2016