Mustard Seed Jersey is delighted to announce that we have received a bumper number of Christmas shoeboxes this year – 3684, which is 500 more than last year.


Most noticeable is the increase in numbers of ALL the children’s boxes when compared with previous years but especially in the boxes for 12-16 years olds, which have doubled in number since last year. This reflects the hard work of several volunteers who (knowing this age group was often neglected by shoebox packers) concentrated on this age group and gathered donations specifically for that group. 


The only down side is that the adult shoeboxes have reduced in number from the previous year, though sadly the requests for them haven’t, meaning some pensioners associated with our programmes will not be receiving a Christmas shoebox this year.


Including donations from Beaulieu and St Pauls Church, money totalling under £5000 was received for food and bread – it is planned that this amount will be shared out over the winter so that the food / bread distributions can continue until the coldest weather is past.. Donations for the new winter fuel appeal brought in approaching £1300. Donations towards transport and sweets for the child boxes and soap powder for adult boxes totalled just under £5000, and general donations were £1686. Donations to  Pack-A-Box raised over £2000 and has resulted in many more boxes being packed.


To one and all we say a very sincere thank you.