Morning Thought for Sunday July 3rd 2016


Good morning.

It gave me a huge amount of joy a few weeks ago to see Nadine’s brightly smiling face beaming at me from Facebook and to read her post “I’m so happy, it’s a girl …….”


I have known Nadine for 16 or 17 years; she was one of the young Romanian orphan girls we rescued after she left the Romanian state orphanage aged 18. Like the 3 other young women, she was unprepared for life outside an institution, unable to budget, to cook, she didn’t even know how to use a tin opener.


But after a few months of education in life skills and a lot of love, she and the others were coping well. They had employment, cooked for themselves, paid their rent, did their washing, went to church and got on with life successfully outside the orphanage world, though they still needed love and reassurance.


Now fast forward 11 years. We had stayed in touch with Nadine and all the girls. It so happened that when I visited in the summer 2011, they were having a Bible study in the apartment, so I joined in and then we decided to pray. I asked each girl what her prayer request was, most were to do with jobs or friends. But Nadine’s was Please pray God will give me a husband and family of my own. I prayed for each of the girls but it is only Nadine’s prayer request I still remember.


At the time, there was no boyfriend in the offing and it really seemed an impossible dream. But a couple of years ago Nadine went to United States with a family to help with their children. While she was there she got to know Jake who attended the church where she was visiting, and suddenly things moved very fast. Early last year they married – and now they are starting their own family.


Nadine had the courage to ask God for what seemed impossible and that prayer has been answered. God is our loving Heavenly father who wants to give good things to His children, but He loves it when we ask for what we need and want.


So go ahead and ask the Lord for what it is you want. Maybe ask someone to pray with you, like Nadine asked me. But go ahead and pray.