We could place approx. 120 shoeboxes specifically packed with needs of teachers in mind in the schools in Romania where we give our the Christmas shoeboxes. When we distribute to the children in the schools we will give a teacher box to each of the teachers.

To pack a box that will help a teacher is certainly more expensive than the standard shoebox, We estimate the cost will be between £40 - £45, so possibly this is a group project.


Suggested contents:

Stapler + good supply of staples

Notebooks (spiral and hardback)

Re-move it notes

Packet 12 pencils

6 pencil sharpeners

3 rubbers

9 biros

3 thick markers

1 highlighter

Corrector fluid

Roll of Cellotape

Pencil case

Glue Stick

Motivational stamps (smiley face and thumbs up) or stickers

1000 Paperclips

Drawing pins or similar

3 items for the teacher and their family personally:

1 toiletry item (soap or bodywash or toothbrush & toothpaste)

1 item clothes (hat, socks, gloves)

1 item food - use by date MUST be June the following year or later (it needs to be 6 months ahead; it will be sent in December).


Teacher boxes should be labelled “Teacher”:

Ideally we would hope the teacher boxes could be suitable to be given to either a male or female teacher, but if more suitable for either gender, then you are asked to indicate this on the label.

The transport donation would be £2 per box.