Update January 4th 2015

On December 6th we were able to provide a wood burning stove for the family. This made a huge amount of difference, and although their shed still leaks and is draughty it is no longer freezing. (See photo)

Appeal 4.JPG

The final total of money donated is 11,000, and we are now waiting for news and photos that the container style home has arrived, been fitted and the family moved in. Watch this space!

The wonderfully generous response means that we can afford to purchase 3 homes for those in need. After the first home has arrived and successfully been installed we plan to purchase a further 2 accommodation units. Each dwelling will be fitted with a solar power unit to provide light and a wood burning stove for heat and cooking. We anticipate being able to provide 4 additional families with solar lighting and will use the rest of the money for firewood if needed.