April 2010

Received from Ken and Florence Holmes from Fundatia Vineyard:

Dear Rose and Phil,

We  are in the UK at the moment having received your wonderful parcels two days before we left.  Vasile and Florina will unpack and distribute the remainder but from the ones we already opened we are thrilled.  I am so glad that we did open them as I have to try and buy craft materials in UK for the kindergarten but feathers were on the list and when we saw the box with feathers I was amazed. Thank you so much.  We are always so blessed by your thoughtfulness regarding our needs and want to thank all your workers who dedicate so much time voluntarily to help us over here please pass on our love and thanks and gratitude and we pray that God will richly reward each one of you.


Our very grateful thanks too to David and Angela who drove the very long distance - we know how time consuming it is having done it so many times but of course with a big wagon it is even harder and longer.   Please tell them we appreciate their dedication and their sacrifice in coming all this way just to bless us.  We are so glad to hear of their safe arrival back home.


God is amazing, all the years Mustard Seed has been blessing us in Romania and God has kept each and every driver and co drivers safe.


God bless you all this special Easter time.  May the truth and reality of  Jesus death and resurrection have it's full impact on our hearts. We send blessings to you all.


Love and hugs

Ken and Florence

and our team in Romania.




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