January 2010

Sent by Mustard Seed Jersey to Letters to the Editor, Jersey Evening Post:

Dear Sir


On behalf of Mustard Seed Jersey, Nelu and Cristina Radu of Fundatia Increderea and the community known as the Factory Families living on the Bors road outside Oradea, Romania, may I say a huge THANK YOU to all the people who assisted with our appeal for money to buy wellington boots.

Thanks to the generous and compassionate response of the public I am happy to tell you that all those in sandals and summer-weight shoes in the snow in that community have now been given waterproof boots or shoes and 2 pairs of warm socks, purchased in Romania.

Members of the public and groups contributed approximately 2000 within ten days after we appealed for help for people in sandals in the snow and ice.

It has become obvious that we can obtain better value and better quality wellington boots in Jersey, so we have retained some of the money to purchase wellington boots and warm socks which we will send over to Romania on the Mustard Seed Jersey aid lorry so that we can assist the community not just immediately now but for the next winter as well.

May I  thank the media for their great support in letting the public know about the week long appeal. To every person and group who donated please accept the very real gratitude of all the community who now have warm dry feet thanks to your generosity.


Yours truly

Rose Helie



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